What is it about

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most affected basins by marine litter, worldwide. Marine litter represents a pervasive and persistent problem that knows no boundaries. It has a negative impact on vital economic sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture, navigation, energy and tourism, while it may endanger human health and safety. Marine litter threatens species and habitats, with impacts varying from entanglement and ingestion, to bio-accumulation and bio-magnification of toxics released from litter items, facilitation of introduction of invasive species, damages to benthic habitats, etc. It has been acknowledged as a major threat in many Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) hampering the achievement of their conservation goals and MPA Managers lack the tools and knowledge to effectively address the issue at their level and prevent the problem from getting worse.


ACT4LITTER is an Interreg Med funded project aiming to facilitate efforts for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs through effective and targeted measures towards reaching their conservation targets.