Some 120 managers of marine protected areas, marine litter experts and other stakeholders from the Mediterranean will be at the closing conference of ACT4LITTER, scheduled for October 24th at the...

ACT4LITTER is excited to launch a two-month photo contest entitled “Operation Summer: snap a winning marine litter impression!”

ACT4LITTER brought together MPA managers and marine litter experts at the second meeting of the project’s associated partners, held in Pisa on the 16th and 17th of May 2018. 26 participants from 21...

ACT4LITTER aims at reviewing the most promising proposed measures to effectively tackle the issue of Marine Litter and select those that could be implemented in MPAs, considering particularly the ecosystem services. The selection of measures will result in the development of MPA-specific action plans for implementation in a future project. Those plans will be complemented by a realistic and operational governance plan at transnational level. MPA stakeholders and key experts on marine litter value chain will be involved through the process to validate the outputs together. The action plans will have a strong focus on preventive measures, using circular economy and sustainable consumption and production approaches.